Wednesday, May 1, 2013

monster ballads

 photo IMG_8049_zpsd0589cdc.jpg

feel it coming

 photo IMG_8053_zps199c3bd9.jpg

everything changes

 photo IMG_8051_zpsf872bdfc.jpg

thank god i don't want to stand still

 photo IMG_8048_zpsbe590173.jpg

all the time counts each moment as good as the next even the bad ones

 photo IMG_8073_zpsd4f36648.jpg

i leave nothing out

 photo IMG_8075_zps3648b159.jpg

not the lines

 photo IMG_8077_zpse93969fc.jpg

not the faith

 photo IMG_8100_zpsc3f9f915.jpg

not the wreck

 photo IMG_8101_zps6812a19a.jpg

keep them coming

 photo IMG_8108_zpse2a2fd87.jpg

don't turn away

 photo IMG_8111_zps2239efa5.jpg

the change is almost here.

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