Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i give in

I know this is Not About Art and all but... I don't care!

Really, I'm all about art. I just needed to give myself an out if I didn't feel like writing about art.

Of course as soon as I say that all I want to do is talk about art and think about art.

September is so great! Back to school! Back to art.


Erik Jeor is possibly one of my favorite people ever.


We talk God and Art. And he's Swedish. Swedes rule. Just ask Tiffany. She knows. She married one!


That's Allen with Erik. Allen is another great person and fantastic artist. (and swede. sort of.)


His work makes me think of music. Which makes sense as he is a musician. But more like crazy eccentric classical music-- John Adams or The Penguin Cafe. Erik is kind of crazy yet classical. Probably why I like him.

We wanted to make a song where the refrain was just "Blame John Cage". Silence.

Still I think he could do it.


More art. Never enough when it is Erik.


  1. Prettier than the picture of all you boys?!

    I can show them to you in person when you're here. Clearly way better in person...