Wednesday, May 1, 2013

monster ballads

 photo IMG_8049_zpsd0589cdc.jpg

feel it coming

 photo IMG_8053_zps199c3bd9.jpg

everything changes

 photo IMG_8051_zpsf872bdfc.jpg

thank god i don't want to stand still

 photo IMG_8048_zpsbe590173.jpg

all the time counts each moment as good as the next even the bad ones

 photo IMG_8073_zpsd4f36648.jpg

i leave nothing out

 photo IMG_8075_zps3648b159.jpg

not the lines

 photo IMG_8077_zpse93969fc.jpg

not the faith

 photo IMG_8100_zpsc3f9f915.jpg

not the wreck

 photo IMG_8101_zps6812a19a.jpg

keep them coming

 photo IMG_8108_zpse2a2fd87.jpg

don't turn away

 photo IMG_8111_zps2239efa5.jpg

the change is almost here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

beauty in the blood

 photo IMG_8044_zpsba29ba16.jpg

take beauty

 photo IMG_8033_zps2c715f03.jpg

take it wherever you can find it and don't let go

 photo IMG_8046_zps93688c0e.jpg

the beauty is the main thing

 photo IMG_8026_zpsf9ccfeb0.jpg

is the blood that keeps us beating.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

soon soon soon

 photo IMG_7919_zps722df7c6.jpg

hold my breath

 photo IMG_7934_zps6cdf1e72.jpg


 photo IMG_7928_zpseaddf568.jpg

with my fingers crossed

 photo IMG_7924_zpsb55ed4e0.jpg

think back fifteen years

 photo IMG_7932_zps34f469b6.jpg

waiting time is not wasted time

 photo IMG_7960_zpsdfb31638.jpg

it feels forever ago

 photo IMG_7955_zps85718a71.jpg

that I didn't know you

 photo IMG_7967_zpsa8e961f1.jpg

and now here we are

 photo IMG_7969_zps3c927583.jpg


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

follow the call

 photo IMG_7826_zps8981c3a0.jpg

heed this

 photo IMG_7830_zps347534d7.jpg

and know that brambles can be pushed back

 photo IMG_7837_zpse615cb94.jpg

what is done undone

 photo IMG_7829_zpsbd73e35f.jpg

what is mortal made everlasting.

 photo IMG_7834_zps2bf24f9a.jpg

the world is so full

 photo IMG_7838_zps41c8cb29.jpg

but most things seem empty

 photo IMG_7843_zps9100b9f8.jpg

most people cowards

 photo IMG_7858_zps40b5b122.jpg

followers of falsity

 photo IMG_7844_zps2871441f.jpg

unable to imagine a better beyond.

 photo IMG_7854_zpsa24534a0.jpg

i include myself in this:

 photo IMG_7869_zps177cce89.jpg

sad, stumbling along, begging for praise

 photo IMG_7847_zps8496b0fe.jpg

acting in every moment the opposite of true.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

clanging symbols

 photo IMG_7812_zpsf32d927b.jpg

nothing is forever that's for sure

 photo IMG_7811_zps18d04642.jpg

even what you think

 photo IMG_7810_zpsacca1be0.jpg

tied with strongest bonds

 photo IMG_7816_zps1ab02277.jpg

there is nothing new under the sun

 photo IMG_7820_zps53661421.jpg

and don't I know it-

 photo IMG_7818_zps5b5223c0.jpg

always harping on the same damn things:

 photo IMG_7817_zps6e4dba64.jpg

oh--bliss uncovered!  oh--eternity fades!

 photo IMG_7814_zpsce530941.jpg

don't I tire of myself?

 photo IMG_7823_zps2ddcabc1.jpg

banging loudly on this solitary drum?

Thursday, January 31, 2013


 photo IMG_7781_zpsd3c20cce.jpg

anything beautiful

 photo IMG_7800_zps2a3cf59e.jpg

can be ugly

 photo IMG_7788_zps5d7a1712.jpg

can be rotten to the core

 photo IMG_7796_zpsb8246f8a.jpg

a dry, shriveled being turned in on itself.

 photo IMG_7782_zps3f5beca3.jpg

sometimes all you need to lose love

 photo IMG_7797_zps139b017f.jpg

is to know deeply.